Quitting the pill: my story

A lot of teenage girls start using the pill at the age of 15. At his age they’re not aware of the hidden dangers. Because there isn’t much information out there and I don’t want you to make a decision due to lack of information. That’s why I think it’s time to share my personal story on a topic that not every woman likes to talk about. Let’s break the taboo’s, shall we?

At first, it looked as if it only had advantages to take anti-conception medication (less cramps, less pms (premenstrual syndrome) and the obvious reason not to become a teenage mom. 
After a few years my doctor told me I could take the pill every day, without quitting for a week. It would be better for my migraines: no more hormonal ups and downs. And so, I did. I took the pill every day without asking questions and without any further research. My migraines stayed the same but taking the pill made life a lot more comfortable. I never had to worry about tampons or getting my menstruation during a sunny vacation. You’ll probably get the fact that this made things way more comfortable for many years. 

In 2019, after taking the pill for 15 years, I started to feel some discomforts. I felt swollen all the time, sexual intercourse hurt and I was so angry and sad. As you can already guess: next level mood swings! It astonished me that most women I didn’t know these where side effects from the hormones. I started doing some research online and it seemed that a lot of women felt the same and quit. Deep down I knew it was time for me as well. 
Although I liked the comfort of not having my menstruation (can you blame me?); taking this daily pill didn’t feel in line anymore with who I was at that time. I was on a quest to a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. So, there was no place for anything artificial. Why do we even take this when our bodies are so capable of having a normal cycle? All this interfering and in the meanwhile all our cells can perfectly work on their own.
Saying goodbye to this comfort was hard, yet one of the best decisions I made in the last 2 years. Although at first, I have to admit I felt a bit insecure. 
A lot of questions were running through my mind. Would my body change physically? When will my menstruation start again? Which products should I use (tampons, pads)? What about sex…

The biggest question: WHY? 

The female body is one of the most special creations made, and we should be proud! If we align with our cycle, we understand our body in a more profound way. Our menstrual cycle has an impact on our fertility, mood, skin health and bone health. By taking the pill, we’re manipulating this cycle by using synthetic hormones. The natural balance in oestrogen becomes an imbalance.

By taking the pill for a long period of time our ovulation can even stop and hereby reducing our sex drive and libido drastically. As you can see, the pill does more harm than good. 
This changed for me after quitting for 4-5 months. I was convinced that woman had a low libido in general. I mean, always seeing the cliché on TV: women with headaches and a lower sex drive. Little did I know this was a side effect.  Barely after a few months I realized it was healthy to have a high sex drive. 
A lot of women act differently when taking the pill yet they don’t realize it, including me. I could be irritated non-stop and start a fight every day with my loved ones. Most times I felt so angry and sad, only after quitting the pill for a few months it was obvious where these feelings/emotions came from. There were too many hormones running through my body. 

Here are some “side effects” women experience from taking anti conception:

  • Mood swings and behavioral problems
  • Increase of depression and anxiety
  • Change of libido
  • Weight gain and increased appetite 
  • Oestrogen-induced migraines
  • Irregular bleeding 
  • Increased risk of breast cancer 
  • Increased risk of blood clots

For me there are plenty of reasons to quit and just live without synthetic hormones.
Even the manufactures advise women older than 35, smokers, women with a history or family history of high blood pressure, strokes, blood cloths, breast/ uterus cancer, migraines or diabetes to refrain from using the pill. 

And now you’re wondering: How did I do it?

During the lockdown of 2020 I felt ready to give up the pill. There was nowhere I needed to be, so the surprise of getting my menstruation somewhere out would be less. I immediately started looking into feminine products. I did some research after classic tampons and pads and I was very concerned. ALL of these products contain bleach products, which make them really harmful for your vagina. So, I decided to try menstrual panties and a menstrual cup. Our vagina contains a lot of veins. By using bleached products, these chemicals enter our bloodstream. Many brands also use microplastic. There is currently too little research to assess the damage of using these products. Let’s be honest, this doesn’t sound healthy to you, does it? 
Because I wanted to get rid of the hormones in my body as quickly as possible, I started to drink celery juice every morning. Hoping it would clean my liver and speed up the process of elimination. It worked! After only 3 months my menstruation started again. I was happy and stressed out simultaneously. My body was working faster than I expected (I read online that it could take up to 6 – 12 months).  
I’m that person who can be so convinced to just change her behaviour overnight: I did the same when I quit smoking and became vegan. But I know not everyone is that quick to change their behaviour. 
I can imagine you still have a stack off pills you want to take. Medication is unfortunately not free, I get it. But the cost you pay for the harm done to your body, makes you think twice. 
On another note, you might want to prepare mentally, and you might need to. Quitting the pill has made me more connected with my own body and feminine side.  Which can be confrontational but in a positive way, or at least that’s my opinion.
But it’s ok to just plan ahead or set a deadline. For example: “When this strip is empty, or by the end of this cycle i will quit”.
I think it’s most important to feel entirely comfortable by the decision you make. After all it is a life changing event.

What now, 2 years later?

In March 2022 it’s been 2 years since I made this decision. To be honest the only thing I regret is that I didn’t quit sooner. Right now, I feel more aligned with my body. I even told my doctor and gynaecologist that I quit using these pills. You would think they would try to convince me in restarting my prescription. To my surprise, they told me it would be a smart thing to lay off on the pill. 
I feel so much better now as I started to really get to know my own body. I track my cycle in an application. To be straight, my body tells me which fase I’m in, so I could do without any tracking at all. A lot has changed for me personally. I lost some weight, I only feel bloated during my menstruation, my mood swings are gone (thank God) and I got my high libido back (might have a downside some days…).

If you have any further questions or you want to share your own story, feel free to contact me! 

With this information I hope I gave you the insights you needed and that i could be of any assistance in making your decision on this subject.



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