Highlights in The Algarve

The Algarve is a beautiful region in the South of Portugal. It’s mostly known for its small beaches with rock formations and caves. Because of these many cliffs it has stunning views almost everywhere in the region.
That’s why so many tourists like to visit The Algarve. While most people only visit Faro and Albufeira, this region has so much more to offer. I do recommend to rent a car, it’s so much easier to get to the small beaches and villages. We stayed in Portimão, and visited a lot of places nearby.
But here is my personal to do list:

1. Beaches

As I mentioned, The Algarve is mostly known for its beaches. They’re very popular among surfers. Some are called the most beautiful beaches in Europe. 
The ones I highly recommend are Praia Dona Anna (near Lagos), Praia Da Marinha (Benagil, this one had some wild waves), Praia da Falesia (near Albufeira).

2. Ponte Da Piedade

The most impressive cliffs are at Ponte De Piedade, near Lagos. The best view is from down in the water. You can take a boat trip or be more sportive and take a kayak tour. We did the kaya tour and saw the most stunning caves. You can also admire these cliffs from above. We were there at sunset and it was absolutely stunning! Just know that Portugal is a bit windy, so bring a jacket 

Sunset at Ponte Da Piedade

3. Lagos

Lagos is a small city near the beach with an old port. For centuries it was ruled by the Moors, who left a lasting impression on the region. If you walk around in the city, you’ll find many small shops, cozy restaurants and beautiful architecture. If you have some time for some shopping, make sure to check out all the articles they made out of cork (bags, purses, magnets…). There is a preserved old defensive wall, which you can climb and have a stunning panoramic view over the city. Not too far from the city is this wonderful beach “Praia Dona Ana”, from here you’ll have this wonderful view over Ponte Da Piedade. If you’re looking for a good place to have diner, I totally recommend beats and burritos (try the nachos with vegan cheese!).

4. Faro

Faro has a lot off white houses, flowers and orange trees. It has this perfect southern Europe vibe.  Next to Faro is a nature reserve Ria Formosa. Which you can best observe during a boat ride. If you take a boat trip I do recommend you visit Ihla Deserta. This small island has clear water and an almost white beach. It’s the perfect spot to see some small fishes while snorkeling. Some boat trips offer Dolphin spotting. It’s amazing to see those animals in the wild. 

Ihla Deserta

5. Albufeira

Albufeira is another city nearby. We didn’t have time to visit the center of the city. But there was this stunning beach Praia Da Falésia. The rocks are red and white, which is very impressive. 

6. Burgau

Burgau is a very small city but it’s very scenic. It is mostly up  hill and full with white houses decorated with bright flowers.The beach of Burgau is beautiful but nothing compared with the ones in Albufeira. 

7. Portimão

Portimão is mostly known for Praia da Rocha, a very long beach full with many tourists. Although the small beaches a little bit further are much more worth a visit. Portimão is also perfect if you like some shopping and great food. At night there are many pubs open and there is a good atmosphere here. If you want to find a good restaurant here, I highly recommend Safari. The daughter of the owner is vegan and the food is absolutely delicious! They have a terrace with an ocean view. 


So this is my experience in the Algarve.
I do hope you enjoyed my tips.



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