Sustainable gift ideas

Who doesn’t want to give a present that last forever? That’s why a sustainable present is perfect. So, I made this list with gift ideas.

1. Safety razor

A safety razor is a perfect gift for all genders. It’s something we all use very often and they last a lifetime. Buying a sustainable safety razor will also save you money on the long term. The little razors you put inside them are cheaper than most plastic razorblades. I bought my safety razor in rose pink (off course) for less than €50 this year. I totally love it, it’s super easy to use and I just adore the colour. 

Safety razor

2. Washable cotton pads

At first, I had my doubt about washable cotton pads, ‘will they remove my mascara?’ and ‘can I get them clean enough after removing my make-up?’. But after using them for a few months, I totally recommend them. I feel like they remove more make-up then cotton pads and I just machine wash them in a net. You have them in different colours, and you can even give them in a bamboo holder. Not only do you have less waste, you also save money by not buying cotton pads again. 
One small tip: when I use them remove mascara, I just rinse them the same day. 

Washable cotton pads

3. Solid soap

Using solid can be very handy and you don’t have any plastic. At the moment you have solid shampoo, washing soap, face cleaner but also soap to do your dishes. They are very easy to use. I already tried a few and did not regret that. I do use a ‘soap holder’ to store them. My favourite is the solid shaving soap with lavender (my legs do feel so super soft after using it!). 

4. Something for the kitchen?

There are many sustainable ideas for the kitchen too. My favourite are stainless steel straws. you can get them in a few colours (I got them in gold, which just looks fancy). There are also many cleaning products you can give, like bamboo sponges, soapnuts, glass jars for storage, dishwashing brush…

5. Dry flowers

I’m kind off obsessed with dry flowers. You’ll have flowers in your house all the time but in a more sustainable way. You’ll find them in different colours and sizes. It’s even possible to make your own bouquet. I love them in neutral colours (so they fit any season and occasion). They bright up my apartment without buying fresh flowers every week. You only have to ‘dust’ them from time to time. I recently found this Christmas arrangement with lights, and doesn’t it look adorable?

Dry flowers

6. Water bottle

I can’t even imagine my life without my water bottle. Everywhere I go I take it with me. You can easily refill them and carry them with you. So again, no more plastic and you can save money (by not buying plastic water bottles). Some stores sell bottles with really nice designs or glass ones. So, they are perfect as a gift.

Water botle

7. Coffee lovers?

If you’re searching a perfect gift for coffee lovers there is nothing better then reusable coffee pads (or filter) with some coffee. These reusable pads are easy to use, less plastic and saves you money in the long term.

8. Luxury gifts

There are many luxuriouss gifts you can give. My all-time favourite are the hand bags from Luxtra. I already wrote a blog about them. This brand is vegan, cruelty-free and ethical.  
You also give sustainable jewellery. Earlier this year I wrote a blog ethical and sustainable jewellery. Or you give organic lingerie (organic basics have top quality). 
There are many other great sustainable options like vegan shoes or a vegan backpack.

I hope you got some inspiration for your Christmas shopping!


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