Good Molecules

If you know me, you know that I only use vegan and cruelty-free skincare products.Since I have a sensitive skin, I do prefer products without alcohol, parabens and sulfates.

So a few months ago I discovered a new brand that lived up to my standards:  “Good Molecules”. All off their products are vegan (except for their new pineapple exfoliating powder) and they promote the fact that they never tested their products on animals. On their website you can see that they promote themselves for their ingredients (you can find a whole list on their website) and low prices. And to be honest I was surprised by these prices! Good skincare can be for everybody with these rates.

To start I got the following products:

Niacinamide brightening toner
Super peptide serum
Discoloration correction serum
Silicone free priming moisturize


How to use these products?

I normally wash my face before using my products (every morning and evening). Afterwards I like to use a toner, just to make sure my face is really clean. And this toner promises to makes your skin bright and to reduce big pores. I must admit it really felt nice, my skin felt really clean. I bought two serums one named “discoloration” to make sure my skin is bright and even and the second one is “super peptide serum” which works anti-aging and hydrates the skin. Since I’m not 21 anymore (making a sad face typing this sentence) I need to think about anti-aging product too.

At what age should you start using anti age products? Well, after the age of 21 your collagen and elastin production start to slow down. This means your skin will start to age then. So you better start using good products and some hydrating creams in your twenties. Although you can’t use creams that are too “heavy”, these are meant for a more mature skin. As you can see, finding the right skincare products for your skin aren’t always that easy…And this peptide serum had copper tripeptides (to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin) and acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and acetyl octapeptide-3 (to reduce fine lines).

As you can see I use two serums, some days only one and some days both. You can use them after your toner and when your skin is damp (meaning just cleaned your skin and it’s not completely dry). You’ll only need a few drups. Make sure to leave 30 seconds before using the second serum or a moisturizer. So it can completely work in. Personally I’m a big fan of a jade roller, so you roll the serum into your skin. I find it very relaxing, like a little spa moment every night. After using your serums you need to use a moisturizer, to make sure your skin is hydrated enough. Even a greasy or a combinated skin needs a moisturizer. 
When your skin doesn’t get what it needs you can get some acne or outbreaks. At the end I like to use an eye cream as well (for the fine lines around my eyes).
And don’t forget to use your sunscreen in the morning! Not only to prevent a sunburn, but also to prevent wrinkles and pigmentation spots. I wrote a blog about sunscreen earlier this year.


So I just started using this products last month, but I already notice a big difference. I have a mixed skin (greasy T zone and some small wrinkles around my eyes) and mostly my skin feels greasy by the end of the day. While using these products I didn’t had this greasy effect. So I can’t wait to test the other product from Good Molecules as well. The products spread well and drink quickly into the skin. This makes them very pleasant to use.

I do hope you liked my review about Good Molecules


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