Skinnies sunscreen

I know it’s very important to put on sunscreen, but I hate almost every sunscreen I know. They are all sticky, make your face look super white, and when you’re on the beach the sand is even more adhesive because of the sunscreen. So, I get that a lot of people don’t want to use sunscreen. Although it’s very important, the sun makes us look older (more wrinkles, spots) and can give us cancer. Because I want to look young forever, I started looking for a good sunscreen. Off course I wanted my new sunscreen to be cruelty-free, vegan and eco-friendly. So, it had to live up to hard expectations!
After a little search I found a brand in New Zealand named  “Skinnies”.

Skinnies sunscreen and BB cream

What’s so special about Skinnies? 

Skinnies is the first brand that doesn’t use water in their sunscreen, so it’s more concentrated and you’ll be needing less. That’s why they call it a sun gel. With only a drop the size off a pea you can protect your face, ears and neck! You’ll buy the same amount but it will last longer. With this adapted formula they want to save up to 10,000 liters of water per year. The big difference is therefore in smearing the product. This sun gel spreads better, there is no white haze and it does not stick. After a half an hour I was even doubting if I even put on sun protection.
They also don’t use plastic tubes, but instead they use sugar cane packaging which is more eco-friendly. This sun gel doesn’t contain any toxins, which is good for your skin but is also good for the environment (think about the reefs and the fishes).

The products

So I needed a new a sunscreen (or sun gel) this year and decided to order two product from Skinnies, one for my face(bb cream spf 30) and one for my body (Skinnies sungel spf 30). Normally I hate wearing makeup when it’s warm and sunny. The foundation starts to feel sticky and it’s just a real unpleasant feeling. But this BB cream looked totally different. When applying it, it feels more like putting on a primer.
It had a nice cover (off course, if you have some spots you’ll need a concealer too) and felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on my face. The best feeling! Even later that day, it was 25°C, it didn’t get sticky. This BB cream isn’t only perfect for a day on the beach (no sticky sand on your face) but I guess it’s also perfect for a citytrip (you look great all day and are protected from the sun).
Same with the sungel, it’s not sticky, so in my opinion perfect for any occasion. While with other sun protection you might don’t want to use them (because they are sticky, are whhite and unsafe for your skin). They also have a wide range of products for children or for outside sports (they last longer and are waterproof).

I’m very happy to have found these products.

I have already recommended them to my family.

So let the sun shine!

Hope you liked this blog,



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