Easily refill your bottle with Cîme

Do you know how many plastic bottles get thrown away every year? The bottles we use for our shampoo, shower gel, body lotion etc. We just throw them away and never think of what happens next. We all know that this plastic waste is not good for the environment. Well Cîme is the first Belgian brand in Belgium to think of minimizing the plastic waste by offering a refill service! They’ve created a simple refill box they install in some shops.

Who’s is Cîme?

Cîme is an all-natural and organic skincare brand from Belgium. The brand is founded by two former female lawyers, who had trouble finding natural skincare before starting their own brand. So in 2012 these two boss lady’s started Cîme. An all-natural brand, conscious about their environmental and social impact! Their products don’t use synthetic ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfumes and propylene glycol. These ingredients could harm your skin in a long-term, and cause a allergy to some of us. Many of their products contain ingredients from the Himalayas and they work together with local farmers in Nepal. These farmers produce highly concentrated liquids from the ingredients, which then shipped to Cime’s facility in Belgium. By doing this, Cîme supports local economy and minimize their ecological footprint. Cîme is a sustainable brand because they use an eco-friendly packaging, support the local economy and fair trade, organic and vegan-friendly ingredients, and they are animal-cruelty free. They are also an socially-concious brand. They want to build the community around the Himalayas by contributing to a social project called ‘Little doctors’-project. 
Cîme ticks all the check boxes for a sustainable brand.

The refill station 

Cïme’s refill stations are available at different shops in Belgium where you can refill their ‘Nuts about you’ product line. These products contain Himalayan soap nuts that prevent the skin from getting dry or irritated. It is a natural alternative to agressive detergents which can dry out your skin. These refill stations allow us to reuse the bottle instead of buying a new one once it runs out, and they are also very easy to find! So when your shampoo or shower gel bottle is empty, you can go to one of the shops and refill it. Nice to know, this is €4 cheaper than buying a new bottle!Each of the station could refill an equal of 17 bottles, that’s already a huge different from buying 17 new bottles! The station is made out of a recyclable cardboard box and inside is a bag made of out of soft plastic. All of the stuff used to build the station comes from sustainable and responsible sources, including the bottle which is made out of 100% recycled plastic waste.

How does it work?

Well, I was at there at their launch event in the beginning of March 2020. For the first time public could try and test the refill station. In general, I’m not always good at trying something new a.k.a not a handy person, but I could tell you in all honesty that it was super easy to use and fast. After using the whole bottle of your first ‘Nuts about you’ shower gel or shampoo (please wash the bottle before refilling!). You can go to one of the stores to refill your empty Cîme bottle. This station works with a hand-tap which will refill your bottle in less than a minute! 

Cîme is a brand of the future. A sustainable brand who cares about the environmental and social benefits of its product! 
So thumbs up for Cîme!

Hope you like my blog.



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