Goodbye Stress by Kneipp

Kneipp is a brand that produces ecological beauty products (for bath, shower, body cremes, foot care, hand lotion, lip balms….). Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Yet another beauty brand? What would make Kneipp different from all the others?”  Well the philosophy of the brand is still based on the ideas of Sebastian Kneipp (who founded the brand in 1891). According to his philosophy, everything is connected; the man, his habits and nature. He developed this holistic health philosophy and even wrote several books about it. He particularly liked to use water-based solutions and natural products in his compositions.
Today Kneipp still uses as many natural products as possible. 
They prefer to use locally grown plants in their products and European made raw materials, with perfect control on quality and supply chains.

“Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health.”

Quote by Sebastian Kneipp.

What makes Kneipp different form other beauty brands is that they use sustainable ingredients and are highly engaged with the environment. They use as many recyclable materials as humanly possible. Their oils for example are in glass bottles, and their plastic bottles are completely recyclable. Another mentionable topic is that they do not test their products on animals. Something I personally value very much, and for which I want to thank Kneipp.
They offer a wide range of vegan products as well, as you can see on their website . If a product still contains animal products, it’s specifically mentioned (like for example milk constituents).
Clearly, Kneipp is a brand that respects the environment and animal well-being.
Therefore, I couldn’t wait to test their products.

Kneipp shower foam

In January 2020 they launched a new line called “Goodbye Stress”. These products will give you that an extra boost of energy. They even offer anti-stress guidelines on their website. As a main fragrance they chose rosemary and mint. Mint is very refreshing and ensures a higher energy level. While rosemary stimulates memory and provides more focus and concentration.


As I ‘m a stressy person myself, I couldn’t wait to try out this line of products. I tested their new candle and shower foam.
The candle has a soft hint of eucalyptus. Not too much, which is perfect for me since I don’t like harsh smells. Light it while taking a bath and it reminds you of a day at the sauna, it will take the stress right away. 
The shower foam smelled like watermelon and rosemary. I must admit this sounded like an odd combination to me at first. But I was pleasantly surprised as the smell of watermelon makes it fresh. I found my perfect shower foam for the morning. The shower foam contains essential oils to nourish the skin. Essential oils have different qualities, some oils increase the energy level while other oils improve the concentration. For the Goodbye Stress products Kneipp selected and combined the most effective oils for an optimal stimulating effect. Hello positive energy! And I must admit my skin felt super soft, even hours after taking a shower.

I already said Kneipp uses ecological packaging, and for the “Goodbye Stress” line they used 100% recycled and fully recyclable PET. This is a recycled material that largely comes from plastic waste. It can be recycled again. The labels of the shower bottle are made of “tree-free” stone paper. This is more sustainable in production and can be broken down under the influence of sunlight. A minimal amount of ink is used to print the Kneipp Goodbye Stress labels.

Goodbye stress line from Kneipp

I can say I was pleasantly surprised by discovering this brand and I will be using their products much more in the future.

Hope you liked my first beauty blog.

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