Get fit with the Fitbit Inspire

I have an office job, wich means I sit in front of my computer all day, every day.  In the evening I have evening classes, so  again I’m sitting.

 I need to study and write a thesis, so again I’m sitting down.

It’s clear, I need to move more! 

They say it’s healthy to take 10 000 steps a day. It could reduce your risk for diseases and helps you lead a longer, healthier life. So, what are the benefits? 

·      A lower BMI

·      Reduced waist size

·      Increased energy

·      Less risk for Type II diabetes 

·      Less risk for a heart disease 

My new Fitbit Inspire will help me do this! Or at least, it will count the steps, but I ‘ll do them myself. So 10 000 steps, this seems a lot for me on a workday. 

But I guess there are options:

·      A walk during the lunch break

·      Try to take the stairs more, just because it’s healthy. 

·       A short walk as study break (a nice walk also calms the mind and helps you relax)

·      Instead of sending e-mails to your colleagues, you can also walk to them. 

·      Take the toilet downstairs. 

·      Park your car a litlle bit further. 

·      If you travel by bus or metro, try to take the stop before yours 

·      Take just one glass of water to your desk, so you have to walk more times

·      Walk around while taking a call

·      Set goals (set your mind to these 10 000 steps)

These are all tips I’ve been trying out for the last week. 

Now fitbit is a great help. When you’re sitting still for to long, you get a message, like a little remender to move. The watch just vibrate for a seconde so you know you need to move. 

What did fitbit do for me? He made me aware that I don’t take enough steps every day. Sometimes I’m working and don’t realise that I haven’t been moving for hours. Just by looking at my Fitbit on my wrist I’m now more aware and try to move and walk more. 

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